The Impact of Local Celebrity in Local Marketing

There are plenty of ways trying to advertise your products or brand, neither it’s in the offline or online marketing.
Let’s talk about online marketing right now.
We all have tried different channels of marketing:

  • SEO
  • PPC like Adwords, Facebook or similiar
  • Affiliates
  • Sites like Amazon, Ebay or our Swedish versions Tradera and Blocket

Depending on your niche and the products you are trying to promote mixed with your knowledge and budget, you might get mixed results.

But the issue doesn’t end here, ranking Top 10 or a great CPC campaign with a high CTR isn’t always enough, specially in the beginning when nobody has heard of your trademark.
You need to first succeed on building a relationship based on thrust with your customers.
The customers need to believe in your company, customer service and quality of your products and avoid getting disappointed.

Some of the most popular ways of building this thrust between brand / company and customers have been:

  • Customer reviews / testimonials on the website the product is out for sale
  • Rich snippet testimonials on SERP
  • Video Testimonials on sites like Youtube
  • Testimonials on niche forums
  • Testimonials on niche blogs
  • Testimonials on Social Sites

The impact of those kind of reviews / testimonials have deteriorated greatly though after abuse from companies.
In too many cases the reviews / testimonials have been faked by the companies themselves or simply they have paid for fake, positive testimonials and reviews on blogs, forums, Youtube etc
and in the cases where they haven’t been faked or paid for, many times the person making the review has received free or discounted samples, questioning the integrity of the reviewer.

This is why we wanted to try a different approach on our Swedish company, Societic Hair Sweden and our extensions products.
We got approached by what you can call a local celebrity, based in the same town as our Swedish Headquarters in Malmoe.
She works as a glamor model and is often seen in the night and fashion life in the area and furthermore she is running a fashion blog
on a famous Swedish fashion Website called Finest.

Because of her modeling, she has to style, wash and use chemicals on her hair constantly, so when we learned that she had heard of the quality of our products and wanted to try the quality and see if we could deliver where others had failed we knew that this would be a thrilling test.
But also a chance for us to tryout if local celebrities and local authority figures could have a higher impact in sales versus traditional marketing channels.
Are persons you can relate to and identify yourself with also a factor in local marketing?

After a couple of weeks of use of our products, she made a positive review on her blog and we seized the opportunity and put her positive review on our hårförlängningsblogg and the actual link to the post can be found here.

Here is a screenshot from the review:

It is still too early of course, but the upcoming few weeks will be interesting and we have already received request on how to style you hair to get the same hairstyle as the glamor model (posing in the picture).


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